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Begin the Begin

October 30, 2009

 Day 1 of a new life revisited

Started working @”my 2nd living room” ( MSLR from here on ), not exactly as planned. I thought if I was to ever go back to the industry, it would be as a bartender again, not as a bouncer, expo and barback with the hope of taking a bar spot until summer. The 1st shift last night was pretty damned boring and it was worse than I expected. I guess no matter how I was looking forward to working there, it will remain a step back in my eyes. Add to that the difference in age between myself and all of them, I don’t know if I’ll ever fit in. It’s not me who cares about the age difference

10 years in the corporate world where I did well, and was popular with those who I taught and later assisted, has done me little good as I was unemployed most of this year. End of March I get home from a long trip to be called into the manager’s office to answer charges I faked receipts. Truth was that I recreated one I misplaced, they spotted it and I was let go for ‘ethical’ reasons. Crap? Yes. Did I give him reasons the month previous and this was an easy out for him? Also yes. From what I heard leading up to that faithful day, had he not gotten rid of me and impressed the rest of the food chain, his days were numbered. When speaking of my old boss, let’s just say he has delusions of adequacy.

I do have some part time work in teaching the “Fear Factory’s” classes, but not enough yet. I do have the step dad to thank for other possible work, but I also believe he has my skill set much higher than reality.

I’m disappointed with MSLR in that I’m not on the current schedule anywhere. The excuse I heard was well we didn’t have you in the computer. Had I known I would have done it myself, lord knows I’ve taught enough folks how to perform that particular duty. I’ve worked 4 day ( 5 now ) since the end of May, the 401K is gone, savings is gone. And they forgot I was available to work because they neglected to put me in the computer. It’s that attention to detail, or lack thereof, that I see as one of the top 3 reasons employees get pissed off. Especially in this industry.

I just saw where the Health Care bill is 1900 pages and will cost $1 trillion. What’s another trillion on top of $100 trillion? Frikin morons. Bottom line, we cannot afford what’s already planned, forget anything new. Flip this House!

The roomies are now married. Never did I expect that to go well. With all the chaos I knew of beforehand, not to mention more of which that I didn’t, the ceremony and reception was a miracle.

Mrs Roomie having no $ common sense nor patience, the ceremony having a Twilight theme, 2 of the bridesmaids being nightmares, a disaster of a bachelor party, ½ of the invites not going out, no return postage, the date getting moved up a year by pushy Jewish mother tactics, my being able to assist as much as I wanted; the list goes on. I’m telling you, a miracle.

So this being my 1st post, I’m undecided as how I’m to write this blog, or how long it will go.

In any event, it’s a work in progress